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Can I install my fireplace or stove myself?
In a time of DIY television shows and the appeal of saving money by doing work yourself, some people express interest in doing their own installation. While the manufacturers provide installation instructions with all of their product, it is not recommended for the average homeowner to install their own fireplace or stove. Many manufacturers will void all or part of the product warranty if the unit is not professionally installed. Many townships require professional installation within their town. Many insurance companies require professional installation in order to be covered under homeowner's insurance. The most important reason for professional installation is the peace of mind of knowing that your heating appliance was installed properly by a reputable professional with years of experience. Would you entrust your family's safety with anything less?

Do I need a building permit?
That varies from town to town depending on what work is being done. It is the customer's responsibility to get a building permit if required. We strongly recommend talking to your town code enforcement office to see if a building permit is required for the work you are having done.  Besides, doesn't having an independent third party inspecting the installation to ensure that is done properly just sound like a good idea?

How much will I save on my heating bill?
There are many factors involved in how much savings the average homeowner will see in their heating bill including how well insulated the home is, how drafty the home is, the size of the home, the heating capacity of the appliance being installed, and the type of fuel that appliance burns. While it is impossible to say exactly how much you will save, using an efficient natural gas fireplace or stove to heat what area of the home it can heat, and using the furnace to supplement that, there is certainly potential to save money. The feedback we have indicates that most people can save 15 to 40% on natural gas. Other fuels have the potential to save even more.

Can I use this in place of a furnace?
While many of our hearth products are furnace rated and capable of heating a substantial area of, if not an entire home, a hearth appliance is not intended to replace a furnace. They are intended as supplementary heaters. That being said, we do have many customers that can and do heat their entire home with a fireplace or stove.

Are fireplaces and stoves safe?
Yes, provided they are installed properly. All of the products we sell are UL listed and tested to be safe when installed to manufacturer’s specifications. Improper installation has the potential for dire consequences. This is why we recommend that all hearth products be professionally installed and inspected by code enforcement if required.


© 2014. All rights reserved. Plank Road Fireplace